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Hello and welcome to the ‘Stop Struggling With Your Social Media Content’ mini-course for small business owners. The course is about 1.5 hours and we've set out to try and remove a lot of the confusion around content and provide clear guidelines for you to follow to end the social media content struggle! The course is in two parts: PART 1: 'Content In Context' to get really clear on why we create content and what we can expect from it (and why content planning is a good idea) and PART 2: The planning system we've created to help you stop struggling with knowing what to post and when so that you can easily manage your content creation and maintain a consistent social media presence. (You can view the full video text or download the video transcript pdf below.)

[Full Text] Hello and welcome to the ‘Stop Struggling With Your Social Media Content’ Mini-course for small business owners.

I’m Chloe from Create It Content and I’ve created this short course to help you get on top of your social media content once and for all, with a simple effective planning system I have created for you, covered in detail in a pdf downloadable guide which you can you can pick up and start using today.

This course was created after talking to small business owners just like you, who struggle with their social media content. Based on interviews and surveys of real business people I have created a simple planning system anyone can use, to maintain a balanced content mix, covering all key areas to communicate in your social media.

In the Stop Struggling With Your Social Media Content planning guide you will find specific ideas and examples of what to post across 5 topics, to talk about your business and promote your products and services. There’s a printable planning sheet you can use over and over again, as well as tips and tools you can apply to your content creation.

Who's this course for?

Small business owners and sole business operators,

People thinking of starting a small business,

Social enterprise and Not For Profit can adapt this planning system to their business model

This simple effective planning system which I cover in this course will save you hours of stress and worry about what to post, take about all stressing and guessing about content, so that you can free up your time to get on with the business of running your business.

I hope you enjoy the course. For more learning about content creation and planning please check out my website createitcontent.com or join me on Facebook @createitcontent, or join the Create It Content Community Facebook group, a positive community for sharing experiences and knowledge about content creating for small business.

Thanks for joining me. 

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